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    Replacement Parts: Guardian - Delatech - Vector - Novapure

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Critical Systems Inc (CSI), an industry leader providing gas delivery and abatement equipment, gas scrubbers, gas cabinets, orbital welding equipment leasing, rentals and service for high tech industries, is expanding its offering of components, equipment spare parts and soon “specialty gases and chemicals” to the virtual marketplace. Our Storefront is designed to allow customers to assemble parts in their “shopping carts” over days or weeks, being visible when they log into their accounts each time. This becomes handy when performing preventative maintenance on a piece of equipment where different sections are serviced at different times. With the Storefront, information on the specific parts, quantities and lead times can be assembled, and when ready, a list printed for purchasing or direct purchase from the website. Once logged into the site, all prices and stock status becomes available. Buyers can use most major credit cards or can buy via purchase order.


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