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Specialty Gases and Chemicals

Reliability and quality are paramount when it comes to utilizing medical and scientific gases and liquids. Critical Systems Inc medical and scientific gases and liquids meet the highest standards of quality and safety in the industry.

We also understand how important it is to have the products your daily business relies on whenever you need them. CSI offer online ordering of medical gas and scientific gas cylinders with the convenience of next business day delivery to select locations.

Quality, consistency of specifications and prompt delivery are key elements that Critical Systems focuses on when supplying our customers with Electronic Specialty Gases and Chemicals. With over twenty years of industry experience, Critical Systems understands what is important to our customers and we work hard to ensure our products meet or exceed all industry standards in quality, safety and reliability.

We understand how critical our products can be to your process and how important the right molecule at the right price in the correct package and delivered on-time is. Use our Online Ordering option and helpful customer service to streamline your ordering process.

Please see our lists of available gases and chemicals below. Choose the molecule you are interested in and you will have access to recommended equipment, properties, safety information including SDSs, common uses, cylinder data, shipping data and available grades.

Available Gases and Chemicals

Ammonia Anhydrous Halocarbon C318 Propylene
Argon Mixes Halocarbon C1418 Silane
Boron Trichloride Halocarbon 2316 Span Gases
Boron Trifluoride Helium Sulfur Dioxide
1,3-Butadiene Helium Mixes Sulfur Hexafluoride
n-Butane Hydrogen TEOS
Calibration Gases Hydrogen Mixes Trimethylaluminum
Carbon Dioxide Hydrogen Bromide Trisilane
Carbon Monoxide Hydrogen Chloride Tungsten Hexafluoride
Chlorine Krypton Xenon
Dichlorosilane Lens Gases
Disilane Methane
Germane Neon
Halocarbon 14 Nitric Oxide
Halocarbon 23 Nitrogen Trifluoride
Halocarbon 32 Nitrous Oxide
Halocarbon 41 Oxygen
Halocarbon 116 Phosphine
Halocarbon 218 Phosphine Mixes

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